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Replay bij Marquant Groningen

Replay is an Italian clothing brand founded by Claudio Buziol in 1978. The always innovative yet authentic Replay describes its style as stylish and classic, in which the typical Italian culture also plays an important role. As of today, the brand has become very popular in Groningen. Could that be because of Replay’s Italian culture that is integrated in today’s fashion?

Replay produces a large part of its jeans in Europe, and has sold millions of jeans worldwide thanks to its popularity. By producing a majority of its jeans in Europe, Replay guarantees their authenticity and quality at all times. As such, Replay has really grown into a top-of-the-bill jeans brand.

And that’s why Replay is of course part of Marquant’s collection in Groningen. Replay has a wonderful, varied collection of jeans every season. From light to dark jeans: Replay denims should not be missing on your wishlist!

Every season we select a wide range of jeans that we offer in our shop in Groningen. Our Replay Jeans collection is characterized by the use of soft, luxury fabrics and special details. The jeans range consists of different washes and different shades of blue with a perfect fit. This year, Replay has returned the Hyperflex Jeans. The Hyperflex quality with a special composition makes these specific denim jeans extremely flexible. And of course that is comfortable to wear! Will we see you soon in our shop in Groningen so you can try on a new pair?

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