Men’s clothing at Marquant in Groningen – since 1975

Tommy Jeans, Diesel, Calvin Klein Jeans and Champion: these are four of the many brands that you will find at Marquant in the heart of Groningen. On the Oude Boteringestraat is the men’s clothing store of the north, which has stood its ground since 1975 and has filled the store with the best brands of the moment.

At Marquant you get all the attention you need while shopping. The coffee is always ready for you and we are happy to pull the jeans in the right size for you. For Marquant no big chain or multiple branches, but just an old-skool store concept with the best brands and the right service.

New arrivals


Giovanni Puffer

€ 169,95


Piatig Monster Jacket

€ 250,00


Slotkin jacket

€ 330,00


Censored tee

€ 70,00

Fat Moose

Fat Moose Echo Jacket

€ 300,00

Fat Moose

Fat Moose Echo Jacket

€ 300,00

New Balance

NB X90 reconstructed

€ 120,00

Tommy Jeans

TJ Hightop sneaker

€ 80,00


Holubar Deerhunter burned orange

€ 320,00

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