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Tommy Jeans bij Marquant Groningen

We regularly have customers in our shop in Groningen who are wondering what exactly the difference between Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger is. Have you ever wondered about that as well? Because that’s a great question, of which the answer includes an important piece of their history.

Tommy Jeans has its origins with its founder Tommy Hilfiger. In 1971, he and two friends opened their first clothing store in Elmira (USA). ‘People’s Place’: A shop with a hairdresser, records and rock concerts in the basement. Since mister Hilfiger was not satisfied with the retail clothing that he picked up himself in New York City, he decided to start designing clothes himself. Later, Hilfiger wrote about this moment: “Designing made me happier than anything I’ve ever done”. Despite People´s Place being a hit for years, the store went bankrupt after seven years of doing business ( and mostly selling hippie clothes). Tommy was 25 years old by then.

After the crisis, Hilfiger decided to take courses in entrepreneurship before being offered a design position at Calvin Klein in 1984. Although he was completely broke, he turned the offer down and founded his own label in 1985 with the help of investors. With his own label, Hilfiger filled the gap between the elite labels such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren and the more casual labels. Hilfiger was preppy, but affordable. A style that suits us very well in Groningen! With this formula, he achieved $25 million in sales, which grew to a total of one trillion dollars in the late 1990s. Since then, Hilfiger has stood for American freedom and independence.

Soon thereafter, Hilfiger decided to name his denim line Hilfiger Denim, and it includes all denim and jeans items. In 2018, Hilfiger Denim renamed themselves to Tommy Jeans. In short, Tommy Jeans is the old Hilfiger Denim and therefore a very important part (everything concerning denim) of Tommy Hilfiger.

In 2016, Marquant brought Tommy Jeans, (still called Hilfiger Denim back then), to Groningen. Since then, the Tommy Jeans collection has served the sporty and well-dressed people of Groningen with great success. In our store we do not only offer jeans, but also T-shirts, sweaters and shorts. Of course, always with the well-known blue/white/red logo, and always with the high quality you’re used to.

Are you looking for something from Tommy Jeans and do you live near Groningen? Then definitely come and try on your new Tommy Jeans items at Marquant. The coffee is ready for you!

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