FM1129 Army Extra 2 - Herenmode

Fat Moose bij Marquant Groningen

The Moose is Loose!

Fat Moose was founded in the Spring of 2010 in Scandinavia. The brand is based on the vision of a menswear brand, which is able to offer a single go-to solution for all the active man’s essentials. We are focused around our love of extreme sports and adventure which is why we only use high quality durable and breathable fabrics. All packed in, of course, with a modern design aesthetic that is made for action.
We are well established in a whole variety of countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. And there are more on the way….

Get ready for the adventure!


FM1197 Brown Main - Herenmode

WESTERN Overshirt sand

€ 90,00

FM1204 Grey Main - Herenmode

EAST Overshirt Grey

€ 90,00

FM1203 Dusty Orange Main - Herenmode

BIRK Jacket dusty orange SOLD OUT!

€ 180.00

FM1189 Beetle Green Main - Herenmode

BIRK Long Jacket beetle green

€ 200,00

FM1202 Light Brown Main - Herenmode

ECHO Jacket light brown

€ 280,00

FM1131 Beetle Green Main - Herenmode

MARSHALL Jacket beetle green

€ 200,00

FM1146   Black   Main1 - Herenmode

ECHO Jacket black

€ 280,00

FM1165 Navy 02 Main - Herenmode

Sailor Jacket navy

€ 139,95

FM1124 Army Main - Herenmode

LUMBER Recycled jacket army green

€ 99,95

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